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Finding the best in early childhood education is one of the most important decisions every parent must make as they raise the next generation of future leaders. If you live in and around Sugar Land, Texas, look no further than Sugar Mill Montessori School. Our early childhood educators provide premier educative programs that provide more enrichment to your child than a daycare in Sugar Land.

Montessori daycare in Sugar Land

Established in 1994, the award-winning Sugar Mill Montessori School has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to early childhood education. With an award-winning facility and teachers fully certified trained in the highest-quality Montessori education, Sugar Mill Montessori School is happy to provide the highest quality early childhood environment. Read on to see what separates Sugar Mill Montessori School from its contemporaries.

Sugar Mill Montessori School Classrooms

Sugar Mill Montessori School accepts students in several age groups.

Ages 3 to 17 Months

Infants aged 3-17 months learn together in “The Nest,” where they develop their motor skills, begin to learn the language and enjoy a sense of exploration. Staff will follow individual care instructions and report daily with parents to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Daycare in Sugar Land, TX.

Ages 18 Months to 3 Years

Toddlers aged 18 months to three years comprise the next group, which expands its focus to include the crucial intellectual and social skills that students will rely upon for the rest of their lives.

Ages 3 to 6 Years

The early childhood program (ages 3-6 years) provides a mixed-age dynamic in which the older children serve as mentors for the younger learners. Students in this age range will learn moral skills through the Second Step program, which focuses on character development. Sugar Mill Montessori School also offers extracurricular activities and summer courses.

Sugar Mill Montessori School Curriculum

The experienced teachers at Sugar Mill Montessori School focus on the following five core curriculum components:

  • Montessori language: Encourages self-expression and independence
  • Montessori math: Introduces the four operations via multi-sensory approach
  • Cultural studies: Aims to instill an appreciation of the environment
  • Sensorial activities: Helps teach students to become astute observers
  • Practical life: Helps to bridge the gap between home and school by teaching such practices as organization and cleanliness.

What Makes Montessori Different?

Small student-teacher ratios, a private atmosphere, and a dedication to ensuring all students learn at their own pace help set us

Our experienced educators are well-equipped to handle your child’s needs. Feel free to call (281) 377-6523 to schedule a tour or for any additional information!