Frequently Asked Questions

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”
~Maria Montessori

Q. What ages does Sugar Mill Montessori School teach?

A. We teach infants through kindergarten, ages three months to six years old. We also offer before and after school care for ages five to 12 years.
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Q. How will Sugar Mill Montessori School prepare my child for middle and high school?

A. Montessori teaches independence, critical thinking skills, and self-motivation. The mixed age range in classrooms teaches children to work with people of all ages. As Montessori-taught children become older students, they take on leadership roles in the classroom.
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Q. How does Sugar Mill Montessori School differ than any other kindergarten in Sugar Land?

A. Sugar Mill Montessori is a private kindergarten with a low student/teacher ratio, which ensures our Montessori curriculum is individualized. Our students are never bored waiting for other children to catch up, and never left behind if they need more time to truly understand a new concept.
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Q: How does Sugar Mill Montessori School rank among any other Montessori school in Sugar Land?

A. We have been in the Sugar Land area for over 21 years. We are AMS (American Montessori Society) affiliates and Montessori-certified teachers.
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Q: Does Sugar Mill Montessori School provide daycare services?

A. We provide care for infants up to kindergarten-age children. As opposed to other area daycares, our teachers are all board-certified instructors.
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Q: How is Sugar Mill Montessori School different from any other daycare in Sugar Land?

A. More than a daycare, Sugar Mill Montessori in Sugar Land provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that meets your child’s developmental needs.
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Q: Can students transfer to Sugar Mill Montessori School in the middle of the school year?

A. Yes! Since the curriculum is individualized, they can join at any time.
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Q: Is there an interview process for new families and children at Sugar Mill Montessori School?

A. For our three to six-year-old students, there is a classroom observation. The child visits the classroom for half an hour so that we can evaluate their school-readiness.
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Q: Why should I choose a Montessori private school in Sugar Land as opposed to a public school?

A. Provide your child with a high-quality early childhood education. A Montessori private school provides developmentally appropriate learning activities designed to develop the whole child, not just intellectually, but socially and emotionally as well.
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Q: What extracurricular activities does Sugar Mill Montessori offer?

A. We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities that promote the development of the whole child, including athletics as well as activities boosting creativity, and critical thinking!
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Q. Do you provide transportation to and from Sugar Mill Montessori School? What areas?

A. No, we do not provide transportation.
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Q. Do you provide a Montessori after-school program?

A. We do not provide Montessori programs after school hours, but we do provide Montessori summer programs. Children enjoy cooking projects, in-school special events, and daily water play.
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Q. Does Sugar Mill Montessori School offer a physical education program?

A. Yes, Sugar Mill Montessori does offer a physical education (P.E.) program. Our Montessori program is designed to encourage your child to engage in a healthy living.
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Q. I would like to visit your school. Do I need to schedule a tour?

A. We prefer that you schedule a tour with us by calling (281) 242-2100, or by visiting our website home page and clicking the “Take a Tour” button. We offer tours between the hours of 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM. If those hours do not work for you, please call and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
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Q. I love your school and would like my child to join as soon as possible. What do I need?

A. Wonderful! Since Montessori offers an individualized learning program, a child may enroll anytime during the year. As vacancies occur during the year, they will be filled from the waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list, all enrollment forms, registration, and security fees must be submitted.

Providing we have a space available, we require the following in order for your child to start school:

  • Enrollment application completed
  • Immunization record
  • Statement of Health signed by your child’s pediatrician
  • Emergency card completed
  • Copy of both parent’s driver license
  • Tuition and Policies Agreement signed by both parents
  • Security Deposit paid in full
  • Registration fee paid in full
  • Monthly tuition paid (will be prorated if starting later in the month)

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Q. I see that tuition is monthly; however, some months have 3 weeks and others 5 weeks. Will my tuition vary?

A. Our tuition is an annual amount divided into nine equal payments for your convenience. Monthly tuition does not vary according to the number of school days in any particular month; all school holidays have been factored into the annual tuition. Tuition will not be prorated if your child does not attend school due to sickness or vacation.
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Q. If my family takes a vacation during the school year (end of August through May), do I still have to pay the same tuition?

A. Yes. Sugar Mill Montessori is a school and the tuition is based on the 9 month school year.
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Q. What if someone other than a parent will pick up my child?

A. Complete the pickup form that is located on the front desk for that day. The adult picking up your child will need to provide a valid photo ID. Anyone you place on the authorized pick up list on your child’s emergency card has your permission to pick your child up at any time.
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Q. If my child is sent home with a fever, may I bring my child back the next day?

A. No. Your child must be free of fever, without fever-reducing medication (ex: Tylenol), for 24 hours before returning to school.
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Q. Why can’t I bring my child to school at any time I want?

A. You may, but children arriving after the classes start (8:30 AM) will miss significant classroom instruction. Progress in academic as well as other areas can suffer.
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Q. I want to know how my child is doing. Can I chat with the teacher in the morning?

A. Your child’s teacher is responsible for all her children each morning, and individual discussions with parents in the morning can take her attention away from the children. Leave a message with the director or office staff, and the teacher can call you during her daily planning time. A conference can be scheduled for you anytime. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year.
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Q. When can I schedule a parent-teacher meeting?

A. You can schedule a parent-teacher meeting at any time. The best time to schedule a parent-teacher meeting is in the afternoon, once classes and activities are completed for the day.
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