If my child is sent home with a fever, may I bring my child back the next day?

No, you may not bring your child back the next day. Whenever a child is sent home with a fever, the affected child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) absolutely may not bring a child back the next day, regardless of circumstances.

Sugar Mill Montessori fever policy.

Keeping Sugar Mill Montessori Students Healthy

We require that all children with a fever not attend class until they are fever-free for a full 24 hours. The affected child must be fever-free for a full 24 hours without the aid fever-reducing medication, including over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol. We enforce this rule to ensure the health of other students the best that we can.

We Personally Keep Students Up to Pace

We are a home away from home, where parents can confidently entrust their children to qualified and nurturing teachers to help children grow and develop. We achieve this standard through our use of learning plans customized for each student and by demonstrating to parents that our Montessori-trained and certified teachers are the right hands to mold educational success. Whenever a child misses class, our personalized lesson plans ensure that the child is caught up and developing at their best pace.

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