Sugar Mill Montessori extracurricular activities

What extracurricular activities does Sugar Mill Montessori offer?

We provide multiple outlets for students to express themselves while learning how to problem solve. We provide children creative outlets that come in the form of extracurricular activities designed for students’ enrichment.

Sugar Mill Montessori extracurricular activities

Providing After-School Montessori Enrichment

Sugar Mill Montessori after-school programs provide children with a wide variety of greatly enriching activities, including gymnastics, dance, basketball, musical theatre, art, and more.


Gymnastics promotes determination in students, since most skills take many attempts to perfect. If at first you don’t succeed, try again! In performing gymnastics, students also improve body awareness and coordination.


Dance provides students with a safe environment in which to express themselves creatively. It’s also shown to reduce stress levels and depression in children. Furthermore, students gain insight into other cultures through music and dance. Students’ posture and balance will also improve through dance instruction.

Musical Theater

In musical theater, students really develop communication skills. They communicate through both verbal and nonverbal expression. Musical theater also also helps students improve language fluency, articulation of words, voice projection and persuasive speech. Students will also increase their self-confidence as they begin to perform in front of others.


Art develops confidence in students. They learn that there is no one “right” way to do an art project, so every child can feel proud of his or her masterpiece! In art, students often work together and collaborate with each other or with adults. They learn multiple points of view, and that there is more than one right answer to a problem.

No matter where your child’s talents may lie, he or she will have an opportunity to explore and develop all of these extracurricular areas. Sugar Mill Montessori School offers all these opportunities to enrich the academic curriculum. Your child can experience them all!