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How does Sugar Mill Montessori School rank among any other Montessori school in Sugar Land?

Sugar Mill Montessori School was established in 1994, with the goal of providing children quality Montessori in Sugar Land with environment that is not only academically enriched, but also has extracurricular activities. All of this learning occurs in a nurturing environment. As such, Sugar Mill Montessori School has been recognized for greatness many times over the years.

In the last 15 years, we have received the Kathleen Rowland Award for Excellence in Leadership and Innovation (2002) and have twice been awarded the Schlumberger Cares Mega Grant (2011 and 2013). There’s just no question that Sugar Mill Montessori School stands out from other Montessori schools in Sugar Land, Texas. Our award winning school has many unique features.

Montessori Certified Teachers

Every lead teacher at Sugar Mill is Montessori trained and certified. Teachers certified through the American Montessori Society undergo a year-long intern experience in a Montessori classroom. During this year, the practice teacher is guided in Montessori methodology and philosophy by an experienced mentor. Just like the Montessori students she will teach, the practice teacher experiences a year of active learning through inquiry and discovery.

Montessori student in Sugar Land.Outdoor Environments at Sugar Mill Montessori School

Sugar Mill is very proud to have five different outdoor environment for students to interact in each day. Students have the opportunity to connect with nature in a vegetable garden, a flower garden, a butterfly garden, and an herb garden. These four gardens are maintained and cared for by our entir e community, including both staff and students.

Member of the American Montessori Society (AMS)

AMS is the largest Montessori organization in the world. It is comprised of over 1,300 schools, 13,000 members and almost 100 education programs to train and certify future Montessori teachers. As a member of this prestigious society, Sugar Mill supports the goals set forth by AMS, including:

  • Increase public awareness and comprehension of Montessori education.
  • Assure high standards in Montessori school and education programs that prepare Montessori teachers.
  • Provide high quality professional development to Montessori educators.

All these wonderful features make Sugar Mill Montessori School the best provider of Montessori education in the Sugar Land area. We know that once you visit Sugar Mill, you’ll realize our Montessori program is the best in Texas!