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Can students transfer to Sugar Mill Montessori School in the middle of the school year?

Some schools only allow enrollment at the beginning of the academic school year. That is not the case here at Sugar Mill Montessori. Learning experiences are personalized for each child at Sugar Mill, so a child can begin at any time. There’s no worry that a new student will not be “on track” with the rest of the class since the new student will receive individualized instruction that is customized specifically for him or her from highly qualified Montessori teachers.

Happy Student

Year-Round Enrollment at Sugar Mill Montessori School

In many traditional schools and classrooms, students are taught with a curriculum that is paced for an entire class. Every student in the class is expected to master a set of objectives within a specified period of time. It’s a “one size fits all” approach that doesn’t meet the needs of each child. Advanced learners are bored when they master concepts early, and struggling learners are frustrated as the teacher moves on, despite the fact that they have not satisfactorily met objectives.

The Montessori philosophy, on the other hand, is based on the philosophy that each child should learn at his or her own rate. The teacher provides special one-on-one instruction that is individualized specifically for each child until concepts are mastered, and the child is ready to progress. As such, students are welcome to enroll at our school any time during the year, even if the school year has already started!

Preparing for Enrollment Once the School Year Has Already Started

We maintain a waiting list. If vacancies arise during the year, a student on the waiting list may enroll. Students cannot be placed on the waiting list until enrollment forms are received and registration and security fees are paid. If space is available, a child from the waiting list can start any time during the year as long as the following additional items are on file:

  • Immunization record
  • Signed Statement of Health from a pediatrician
  • Emergency card
  • Copy of parents’ driver’s licenses
  • Signed agreements regarding tuition and Sugar Mill Montessori School policies
  • Paid monthly tuition (prorated if beginning after 1st of the month)