Montessori private school in Sugar Land.

If my family takes a vacation during the school year (end of August through May), do I still have to pay the same tuition?

Tuition will not be prorated if your child does not attend school due to sickness or vacation. Tuition remains the same throughout the school year. Our tuition is based on the nine-month school year.

Montessori private school in Sugar Land.

Monthly Tuition at Sugar Mill Montessori

Like most other private schools, tuition is based on the nine-month school year. The annual tuition total is calculated with all school days taken into consideration, as well as all school holidays. That total is then divided into nine equal payments. Monthly tuition does not vary according to the number of school days in any particular month; all school holidays have been factored into the annual tuition.

Tuition is Prorated if Children Enroll Later

Tuition is prorated for children starting school after the first of any month in the nine-month school year. It must be noted that tuition will not be prorated if school days are missed due to sickness or personal vacation time. Again, school holidays are taken into consideration for the equal monthly payments.

Tuition and Enrollment

Since Montessori offers an individualized learning program, a child may enroll anytime during the year. As vacancies occur during the year, they will be filled from the waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list, all enrollment forms, registration, and security fees must be submitted.

Providing we have a space available, we require the following in order for your child to start school:

  • Tuition and Policies Agreement signed by both parents
  • Security Deposit paid in full
  • Registration fee paid in full
  • Monthly tuition paid (will be prorated if starting later in the month)

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