Montessori Kindergarten in Sugar Land

When it’s time for children to enroll in kindergarten, parents enter a new chapter in life. Though the child is still young in their eyes, parents realize that their child is truly growing up and that it’s time for formal education to begin.

The kindergarten year in the Montessori Early Childhood classroom is the most important! The third year, the kindergarten year, is the time when many of the earlier lessons come together and become permanent part of the young child’s understanding. Children look forward to being the five year old leaders in their class. The kindergartners are looked up to as role models for the younger students, and most children eagerly await their opportunity to play this role.

For a parent, deciding where and to whom to entrust their child’s formal education is a monumental decision. Parents must consider not only the school’s curriculum, but also the certification and training of the staff.

Montessori kindergarten in Sugar Land, Texas.

Montessori Kindergarten at Sugar Mill Montessori School

At Sugar Mill Montessori School, parents can rest assured that not only will their child be taught by highly qualified and highly effective teachers, but also will experience a well-rounded curriculum that is highly individualized for the child. The teachers at Sugar Mill are Montessori trained and certified in Montessori methodology and philosophy.

The early childhood experience at Sugar Mill has multi-age grouping with children ages three to six years old. Older students become mentors and role models for the youngest children. Students are taught individually or in a group in a prepared learning environment that utilizes bright engaging materials.

In this environment, teachers nurture and support students to complete goals as they explore and interact with the materials, thereby acquiring knowledge through play.

Sugar Mill Montessori Kindergarten Curriculum

The Sugar Mill Montessori kindergarten in Sugar Land curriculum has five main areas of focus: language, math, cultural studies, sensorial, and practical life.

Montessori Language

In language, students complete activities like matching, sorting, categorizing, and patterning exercises to master reading, writing, and communication skills.

Montessori Math

In math, students use manipulatives to explore mathematical concepts.

Cultural Studies

Cultural studies include studies of nature and the environment, living and non-living beings, and the world around us.

Sensorial Activities

Sensorial activities sharpen the five senses, which further prepare students for advanced concepts in language, math, and science.

Practical Life

Practical life exercises prepare children for life by developing social, physical, and emotional skills.

With this curriculum, there is a focus on the whole child, not only academics.

Prospective Parents and Students of Sugar Mill Montessori

In the words of Maria Montessori, “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

For parents who are inspired by these words and want their child to join a community of Montessori learners, Sugar Mill Montessori School can provide the best early childhood experience for that critical kindergarten year.

Tours of our Montessori kindergarten in Sugar Land can be scheduled online at or by calling (281) 377-6523.