Montessori pre-school Sugar Land

Montessori Pre-School in Sugar Land

A quality pre-school experience sets your child up for success in school. According to the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), children who attend a quality pre-school program enter grade school with a richer vocabulary, better pre-reading skills, and stronger math skills.

Children in the Early Childhood program (Ages 3 to 6) learn these skills at their own rate. They are immersed in an inviting and engaging setting where every child is valued and encouraged to learn and grow both cognitively and emotionally to prepare him for the academic tasks required in traditional schools.

Our Early Childhood ProgramMontessori pre-school in Sugar Land, TX.

Sugar Mill Montessori School takes advantage of multi-aged groups within the Early Childhood program. Older children as encouraged to mentor younger students as they learn and explore. This allows children to learn at their own rate and helps build social and cooperation skills, too. Children may be seen working together to solve problems and learning important skills like sharing and taking turns.

Learning Activities

Our students direct their own learning. That means they choose the activity and skill they want or need to learn from a variety of colorful and inviting classroom materials. Teachers guide the children individually or in small groups to ensure that all children develop at their own rate.

Our Enriching Curriculum

We follow the Montessori curriculum which includes goals for cognitive, social and emotional growth.

Cognitive Skills

Pre-reading, writing and math skills are a vital part of the curriculum. A vocabulary-rich environment that encourages the desire to read and write helps children learn pre-reading and writing skills. This includes telling and listening to stories, sequencing events and practice communicating using words. New and familiar vocabulary is used to expand vocabulary and to enhance the child’s comprehension skills. Math skills are taught through the use of varied manipulatives used for sorting, sequencing, counting, and matching.

Social Skills

Building social skills and self-help skills are a natural part of a child’s development and are strengthened with ample opportunities to interact with both teachers and peers.

Emotional Growth

All children are encouraged to express their feelings and emotions as they interact with others. Effective communication skills, self-care skills, sensory skills and cultural awareness activities all help the child grow emotionally and develop the skills necessary to lead a productive and rewarding life.

How is the Montessori Method Different from Other Pre-school Programs?

The Montessori method provides opportunities for children to progress at their own rate and is focused on developing the whole child. Developmentally appropriate activities, toys, and learning tools are designed to allow children to learn through play and interaction with others. Individual and small group learning activities make it possible to enhance and develop skills the child needs before attempting more challenging tasks. Traditional pre-schools often require all students to process at the same rate or require participation in the same learning activities.

We provide ample room for children to learn and grow at their own rate while preparing them for academic success in school.