Montessori private school Sugar Land

Our Quality Montessori Private School in Sugar Land

Sugar Mill Montessori School provides early childhood education to children aged 3 months through kindergarten. Our Montessori private school in Sugar Land provides developmentally appropriate learning activities designed to develop your child’s social, emotional and intellectual skills. Groups are designed to meet the needs of children in broad age categories which allows ample room for children of varying ages and developmental levels to learn from others as they explore social and academic concepts.

Montessori private school in Sugar Land, TX.

Our Classrooms

Your child will be placed in one of three groups, according to his age:

3 to 17 Months Old

This group is referred to as The Nest and focuses on providing opportunities for your little one to explore the world in a safe environment. It is also a time to develop the language and motor skills your little one will need in future activities.

18 Months to 3 Years Old

This group expands on the language and motor skills learned in The Nest and adds intellectual and social skills to the mix.

3 Years to 6 Years Old

The Early Childhood Program continues to work on language skills, motor skills and social skills, as well as adds moral skills and character development. Older children are encouraged to mentor younger members to build trusting relationships and a sense of community.

Montessori private school in Sugar Land

Our Montessori Curriculum

Because the Montessori method focuses on developing the whole child, many learning opportunities develop several areas of learning at the same time. For example, working in one of the several gardens, children learn cooperation, engage fine and gross motor skills, develop language skills, explore math concepts and learn about the world around them. However, Sugar Mill also follows a structured curriculum that builds upon the skills learned at earlier levels. These include:

  • Montessori Math – A multi-sensory approach is employed to teach concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Montessori Language – The language curriculum encourages effective communication and self expression.
  • Cultural Studies – Teaching awareness of the world and environment around them includes activities like working in the gardens, sharing cultural practices and learning about their community and the world at large.
  • Sensorial Activities – These activities teach children to observe and interpret the world around them.
  • Practical Life – These activities include everyday activities, such as personal hygiene and self care.

Sugar Mill Montessori School serves the Sugar Land, TX area and accepts new enrollments year round, but may have a waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list, applications must fill out all forms completely and pay the admission fee.