“Once the child can speak, he can express himself and no longer depends on others to guess his needs. He finds himself in touch with human society, for people can only communicate by means of language.” ~Maria Montessori


We follow Fort Bend Independent School District. If FBISD is closed, we will also be closed.

Please watch the local news for weather and school closure updates. You can also find school closure information at


Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Be sure to read the newsletter we email all our parents each month. In it you will find important information and special event dates you won’t want to miss.

Email is not just for the newsletter. Expect to receive our Unit Study calendar, snack calendar, and occasional articles of special interest to parents. We will also send extra details on special events, early dismissals, etc. via email.

In addition, there is a mailbox above your child’s classroom cubby. Important notes, reminders, scholastic book orders, and birthday party invitations will be placed in the mailboxes. Remember to check your child’s mailbox each day.

School Delays and Closings
Sugar Mill Montessori School follows Fort Bend ISD. In case of inclement weather, watch the local news for school closure updates. If Fort Bend ISD is closed, we too will be closed.